What you can expect to study with GEC


The Global Energy Certification curriculum covers many topics and sectors of the energy industry. Below is a sample of what you can expect to study.

The major T&D suppliers are following the broad industrial trend of aiming to increase their business by adding value to products by combining them in systems and offering higher technology services and capabilities. They have mostly published targets to increase the proportion of their business including service as well as ‘classical’ products. This gives a competitive advantage to the large players in the market who have the resources to deliver such levels of technology, and in this respect they have a competitive edge over the lower tech producers in low cost markets. However, there are many users who still require only the basic products at lower cost, providing low cost in-house servicing and these occur in all markets regardless of their development. This ca also create a distortion in capex estimates because some of the service functions may be accounted for in opex in utility reports.

Power systems and utility automation can be described as power technology systems as opposed to products and they include both products and the value added to the products with additional services, technology or engineering. Sub-stations are within power systems. The increased competition engendered by market liberalisation in recent years has encouraged the development of sophisticated asset management tools and systems. Asset management monitoring systems and thermal imaging come have a natural fit with utility automation.

In targeting a market it is necessary to decide what the ‘addressable’ market is. Within the total T&D market, the addressable market for a low technology manufacturer of small transformers is different from the addressable market of a high voltage substation system manufacturer, although both include transformers. The manufacturer of 50 metre steel transmission line towers carrying heavy 750 kV lines would not regard the reticulation lines in a developing country which use wooden poles carrying low voltage lines as part of the addressable market.

There are many facets to the Energy Industry and GEC will help you put the pieces together.


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